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    PID # Attachment count CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000017011 Multiplayercrashresolved (Yoraiz0r)2015-06-22Removing minecart track in MP causes a crash
  0000168    Multiplayermajorresolved (Shockah)2015-06-10Using Extractinator in multiplayer causes client to crash
  0000162    Modsfeatureacknowledged (Yoraiz0r)2015-06-10OverrideUpdate for Gores
  000016711 Vanilla <-> tAPI differencesminorresolved (Shockah)2015-06-10Craft group references created in Recipe.FixRecipes() ignore stack counts
  0000169    Mod handlingcrashresolved (Shockah)2015-06-10tAPI crashes if you inherit from an external dll class
  0000144    Interface -> Main menuminorresolved (Shockah)2015-06-10Selecting a character may display a list of vanilla characters to import instead of the list of worlds
  0000148    Interface -> Main menutweakresolved (Shockah)2015-06-10Import vanilla worlds menu: scroll arrows don't work
  00001661   Itemsminoracknowledged2015-06-10CraftGroups are not named using their displayName
  0000152    Interface -> Main menuminorresolved (Shockah)2015-06-10Missing Create World button if there are already 4 or more (I think so) worlds
  0000146    Genericmajorresolved (Shockah)2015-06-10Exception logging doesn't work
  0000145    Vanilla <-> tAPI differencescrashresolved (Shockah)2015-06-10Mounting a minecart on the right end of a minecart track with a metal bumper
   00001581   Mods -> Tilefeatureresolved (Yoraiz0r)2015-06-07Make mod tile JSON property placementConditions require all or any conditions be met
  0000164    Mods -> Itemminorresolved (Yoraiz0r)2015-06-07UseItemEffects is not called for GlobalMod
  00001591   Mods -> Tileminorresolved (Yoraiz0r)2015-06-07Returning 'false' from a tiles PreKill call prevents the tile from being destroyed but removes tile from TileUpdate
  00001601   Mods -> Tileminorresolved (Yoraiz0r)2015-06-07Tile JSON, breaksByPick has no effect
  0000153    Mods -> Itemfeatureresolved (Yoraiz0r)2015-06-07json property for Item.alpha
  0000165    Mods -> Tileminorresolved (Yoraiz0r)2015-06-07ModTileType.RightClick is called when it shouldn't
  000016321 Mod handlingminoracknowledged2015-05-06Tile's instanceCode property won't work if internalName is specified
  0000149    Vanilla <-> tAPI differencesminorresolved (Shockah)2015-05-06Can't place dyes in dye slots
  00001312   Mods -> Itemminorresolved (Shockah)2015-05-06OnEquip and OnUnEquip hooks
  0000157 1 Multiplayercrashacknowledged2015-05-04Items with custom data in BinBuffer can crash any dedicated server, even with no mods
  0000141    Vanilla <-> tAPI differencesminorresolved (Shockah)2015-04-23Vanilla Characters Stacked Items Change to One
  0000142    Installermajorresolved (Shockah)2015-04-22Installing tAPI without Game Launcher breaks the server and builder
  00001302   Vanilla <-> tAPI differencescrashresolved (Yoraiz0r)2015-04-20Game crashes on reload after connecting to a server
  00001282   Multiplayercrashresolved (Yoraiz0r)2015-04-20Dedicated Server crashes if client server versions are different.
  0000140    Vanilla <-> tAPI differencestrivialresolved (Yoraiz0r)2015-04-20Dye Trader Shop creates blank slot in single player
  0000134    Mods -> NPCmajorresolved (MiraiMai)2015-01-16Property "music" in NPCs does nothing
  0000133    Vanilla <-> tAPI differencesmajorresolved (MiraiMai)2015-01-16Diabolist replaced by Ragged Casters in hardmode dungeon
  0000132    Interfaceminorresolved (MiraiMai)2015-01-16Pasting in TConsole / "Dev Console" results in pasting twice
  0000114    Interface -> Main menutextresolved (Shockah)2015-01-05Drop the language menu altogether
  000010941 Interface -> Main menutweakresolved (Shockah)2015-01-05Scrollbar Offset in Mod Description Window
  00001044   Mods -> Tileminorresolved (Yoraiz0r)2015-01-03Inconsistent calling of CanPlace
  00001185   Interface -> Main menumajorresolved (Shockah)2015-01-03When I go to the menu and click "mods" it produces an error
  00001235   Genericminorresolved (Shockah)2015-01-03PDB downloader in tAPI
  0000110    Genericfeatureresolved (Shockah)2015-01-03Add support for loading vanilla worlds and characters
  0000127    Interfacemajorresolved (MiraiMai)2015-01-03Recipes not updated after shift clicking an item
  00001261   Mod compilingmajorresolved (MiraiMai)2015-01-02Cannot build prefixes using the accessory crit properties
  00001251   Vanilla <-> tAPI differencesmajorresolved (MiraiMai)2015-01-02Timers and other wire triggers, trigger themselves
  00001191   Mods -> NPCminorresolved (Yoraiz0r)2014-12-25Discount card doesn't affect stores created by mods
  0000124    Itemsmajorresolved (MiraiMai)2014-12-23Some items used in recipes are not marked as a material
  0000122    Itemsminorresolved (Shockah)2014-12-22Voodoo Demons drop Guide Voodoo Dolls with prefixes (which renders them unusable)
   00000673   Tilesfeatureresolved (Yoraiz0r)2014-12-21Support for adding grass, moss, and platforms with stairs with little code or none in r13
  00001171   Mod handlingminorresolved (MiraiMai)2014-12-17ModOptions are not initialized for new mods
  0000111    Installermajorresolved (Shockah)2014-12-17Create uninstaller or change how tAPI installs.
  00001071   Projectilesminorresolved (Yoraiz0r)2014-12-17Sticky Glowsticks clip through tiles and never stick to anything
  00001031   Tilesfeatureresolved (Shockah)2014-12-16Add support for making tiles immune to explosions in json
  0000106    Tilesminorresolved (Shockah)2014-12-16When leaving the vicinity of a custom crafting station, effect doesn't go away immediately
  0000108    Genericminorresolved (Shockah)2014-12-16Underground Crimson music plays Surface Crimson music
  0000116    Vanilla <-> tAPI differencesminorresolved (Shockah)2014-12-16No presents/goodie bags dropped unless underground
  0000094    Mod handlingfeatureresolved (Shockah)2014-12-05Display mod debug stats in the mods menu
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